Exciting News from Elizabeth

In February Elizabeth released her new music/dance video in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In late April/May she will be attending movie premiere featuring a song she co-wrote with her father, Brent Dietsche and Stephanie Boosahda,  “Somebody’s Praying for You.”  The name of the movie is “Always a Winner.” Buy the single release.

“Dream A Little Dream of Me” Music Video

Elizabeth Montgomery and friends present the classic song “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”   Written by Fabian Andre, Wilbur Schwandt and Gus Kahn.  Video Production by Lance Goodman.  Recording produced by Robert White Johnson for RadioQuest, Mixed by Gary Dales.  Filmed at Strictly Ballroom Dance Studio, Tulsa. Elizabeth Montgomery is joined by co-star, Jim Fraley, hometown friends, and dancers from Tulsa and surrounding area.   Celebrating music from the past, Elizabeth and friends are enjoying a night of ballroom dancing as she dreams of romance. Buy the single release.