Elizabeth was born to sing. However early on in her life it did not appear that would happen. From birth to age fourteen, Elizabeth would have many bouts with an extremely serious lung illness, spending much of her childhood in hospitals. These illnesses took so much of her breath away that she could not even blow up a balloon…her doctors did not expect her to live. Through fervent prayers of her family and people in ministry, she experienced a miracle healing in her lungs which enabled her to begin singing.In her teenage years, she recorded her first album of Gospel music. Since then she has released nine albums of Christian music [Elizabeth Dietsche, All The Way, Singer of My Soul, Unity, Songs for Children, You Can Move Mountains, Most Requested, and Somebody’s Praying for You, and Fill Your Heart with Christmas] Classically trained, she has sung numerous operatic roles including “Twelfth Night” and “Hansel and Gretel.” Mrs. Montgomery has concertized throughout the U.S. and Europe, with over 3000 church and secular performances to her credit, including the Baptist Pastor’s Leadership Conference in Glorieta, NM, Tennessee Acteens State-wide Convention, and the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California.  In 2009 she shared her ministry in El Salvador, singing before thousands in churches, villages, and schools.  In 2010 and 2011 her Christmas CD was played in over 100 secondary country radio markets in the United States.  One of the highlights of her career was to be chosen to sing the national anthem for the Denver Broncos before 75,000 people and a marching band of 350 musicians.

Originally from Vinita, Oklahoma, Elizabeth graduated from Oklahoma City University in 1990 with a Music/Business Administration degree. In 1992 she earned her Masters degree in music from the University of Denver.

“Somebody’s Praying for You,” was produced by Chuck Butler (Backstreet Boys, Kimberley Locke) and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth had the privilege of writing this song with her beloved father, Brent Dietsche and singer/songwriter, Stephanie Boosahda.  This song is connecting with people everywhere as it encourages those who are in need that someone cares and is lifting you up in prayer. Above all, Jesus Himself is interceding before the heavenly Father on your behalf.  The song is her theme for the new direction of prayer ministry God has directed her in the last few years.

The purpose of Elizabeth Montgomery Ministries is to edify, encourage, and bring a sense of unity to the body of Christ through music and testimony. As Elizabeth states; “Music is a universal language we all share. I intend to reach as many individuals as I can with the good news of Jesus Christ through song zithromax generics.”

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