Elizabeth loves the opportunity to share her music and testimony with venues across the country.  Come out and experience her amazing live performances. Elizabeth has performed in over 3000 engagements spanning 4 decades. 


“Somebody’s Praying for You” will be re-released as the featured soundtrack for the new movie ALWAYS A WINNER. 

Watch “Always a Winner” trailer  

Elziabeth has will be in a Christian movie set to film this fall in Nashville. She’ll sing original songs in this dance themed movie. Tickets, Movie Trailer and Story info for each showing at:


December 18th – Christ of the Hills Methodist Church, 8:40 AM, 10:10 AM, (traditional and contemporary), 3 PM concert, Hot Springs, Arkansas
December 11th – First Christian Church, Independence, Kansas, 6 PM
December 10th – Tulsa Praise Orchestra Christmas show, Coleman Theatre, Miami, OK, 7 PM
December 4th – First Baptist Church, Muldrow, OK, Morning service, 11 AM
December 3rd – Ft Smith – SDA Church, 11 AM, Fort Smith, Arkansas
December 3rd – First Baptist Church, Muldrow, OK, Christmas Gala, 2 PM
October 30th – Tulsa Praise Orchestra, An American Celebration, Portland Avenue Baptist Church, OK City, 6 PM
October 29th – Tulsa Praise Orchestra, “An American Celebration,” Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center, 7:00 PM
August 28th – Destiny Church, Greeley, CO, 10 AM
August 27th – Church of God 7th-Day, Thornton, CO, 11 AM
August 26th – David Clifton Ministries, Denver, CO, 6:30 PM
August 24th – Cowboy Church, Rinn United Methodist Church, 7:00 PM
August 24th – Aglow Luncheon, 8870 Washington St, Thornton, CO, 11 AM
August 21st – Legacy Church, Thornton, CO, 9:00 AM, 11 AM, 6:30 PM
August 19th – “One Voice” Conference, Colorado Springs, CO, 9:30 AM, 6:30 PM
August 18th – “One Voice” Conference, Colorado Springs
August 13th – Private Wedding, Nashville, TN
August 7th – First Meth – odist Church, Miami, OK, 10:45 AM
August 2nd – “The Dream Big” Event (Fundraiser for DSA Volleyball missionaries), Randall University, Moore, OK, 7:00 PM
July 22nd Grand River School of Performing Arts concert, Episcopal Church, Grove, OK, 6:00 – 7:00 PM Dinner, Concert, 7:00 PM
June 2nd – Revival in the Heartland, Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, MO, 6:30 PM
May 13th – Private Event, San Antonio, TX, 5:00 PM
April 17th – Emmanuel Church, Vinita, OK, 10 :15 AM
April 5th – Aglow International Ministries, Vinita, OK, 6:30 PM
March 20th – Cleora Community Church, Cleora, OK, 10:00 AM
February 18th – Playmakers Legacy Awards, Grove, OK



December 18th, Christmas show with Tulsa Praise Orchestra, Regency Park Church of the Nazarene, Tulsa, TBA
December 17th, Tulsa Praise Orchestra Big Band show, special Prague Philharmonic selection, Coleman Theatre, Miami, OK, 7PM
December 15th, Bethany Nazarene Church, Bethany, OK, 6:30 PM
December 10th, Oklahoma EP release, Trinity Baptist Church, Pastor/Singer Robert Carter and national pianist, Ron Hall, Grove, OK, 6 PM, reception following
December 4th, Missouri EP release “Let Us Adore Him” Christmas concerts celebrating Elizabeth’s EP release with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Midwest Healing Center, Laurie, MO, 6 PM
November 21st, Seeker Church, Norman, OK, 10:30 AM
November 16th, First Baptist Grove, Adult Monthly Luncheon, FBC Seniors and guests only
September 19th, Pryor Pentecostal Church, Pryor, OK, 6 PM
September 16th, Bethany Nazarene Widows Ministry, Bethany, OK, 1 PM
September 15th, Bethany Nazarene Church, Bethany, OK, 6:30 PM
July 10th, Soloist, Tulsa Praise Orchestra, Coleman Theatre, Miami, OK, 7 PM
July 4th Soloist, Tulsa Praise Orchestra, Tulsa Bible Church, 3 PM
June 11th and 12th – The Great Passion Play Pre-show, 8:30 PM, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
May 6th – Hellen Thomas Evangelical Ministries, Tulsa, OK, 6:00 PM
May 1st – Guest Soloist, Nashville Praise Symphony, Northside Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN, 5:30 PM
April 26th – Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College, Master Class with music students, Miami, OK, 1:00-2:30 PM
April 16th – Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College, “On My Way to Canaan Land,” with Choral Singers, NEO Auditorium, Miami, OK
April 2nd – Cedarhurst Senior Living, Tulsa, OK (Private event)
March 11th – 3rd Annual Gratitude Event, Heavenly Angels House, Inc, Grove, OK 6:30 PM (Private event)


12/17/2020 – Shepherd’s Cross, Nativity, Claremore, OK, 4-6 PM
11/4/2020 – Bethany Nazarene Church, Bethany, OK, 12:00 PM
10/16/20 – Woodland Hills Retirement Center, Tulsa, OK, 2:00 PM
9/9/20 – Ridgerunner Stadium, “Operation Gratitude”, Grove, OK
7/12/20 – Nahant Village Church, Nahant, Massachusetts, Online Worship Service
5/3/20 – Nashville Praise Symphony, Guest Soloist, Immanuel Baptist Church, Nashville, TN (to be rescheduled)
3/29/20 – Victory Church, (2nd performance) ONLINE church service special music, Springfield, TN
3/29/20 – Nashville Praise Symphony, Guest Soloist, Church at Woodbine, Nashville, TN, 6:30PM (to be rescheduled)
3/22/20 – Victory Church, ONLINE church service special music, Springfield, TN
3/8/20 – Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church, Nashville Praise Symphony, Guest Soloist – Hot Springs, Arkansas
2/09/20 – Nashville Praise Symphony, Guest Soloist, The Glade Church, Mount Juliet, TN
1/19/20 – Nashville Praise Symphony, Guest Soloist, First Baptist Church, Mount Juliet, TN
12/13/19 – Trinity Baptist Church Christmas Concert, Grove, OK
12/7/19 – Midwest Healing Center, Christmas Concert, Laurie, MO
11/24/19 – First Baptist Church, Cleora, OK
11/17/19 – First Baptist Church, Bluejacket, OK
11/9/19 – Nashville Praise Symphony, Nashville Rescue Mission, Guest Soloist, Nashville. TN
11/8/19 – WSM Radio, “Nashville Today”, Live Stream
10/25/19 – Lincoln/Reagan Event, Shangri-la Resort, Afton, OK
10/20/19 – Nashville Praise Symphony, Guest Soloist, Madison SDA Church, Madison, TN
8/25/19 – Castle Rock SDA Church, Castle Rock
8/24/19 – Church of God (Seventh Day), Thornton, CO
8/21/19 – Cowboy Church, Rinn United Methodist
8/18/19 – New Day Covenant Church, Boulder, CO
8/17/19 – Longmont SDA Church
7/12/19 – The Great Passion Play Pre-show, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
6/18/19 – Aglow Ministries, 5 West Outpost, Sand Springs, OK
6/16/19 – River Church, Langley, OK
6/9/19 – Calvary Baptist Church, Vinita, OK
4/15/19 – Blue Notes Music Seminar, Vinita High School
3/31/19 – Hillsboro United Methodist Church, Hillsboro, TN
3/10/19 – Portland Avenue Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK