March 13, 2019

Testimony used in NY Times author,Dr. Kelly A. Turner’s Radical Remission Project

I am pleased to have my personal testimony of healing and faith published on the website of New York Times Bestseller, Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D.’s, “Radical Remission Project.” (healings of various illnesses).  I saw Dr Turner on a documentary so I contacted her staff.  I am so honored to share this with all of my fans and to give all of the glory to Jesus Christ, the prayers of my family, friends and the great doctors, Dr. OW Dehart and Dr EW Allensworth who took care of me throughout the entire journey.  Dr. Turner’s book, “Radical Remission,” has researched over a thousand cases of radical remission specifically in the area of cancer as well as the common factors that were present in all of those who overcame the illness.

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