“There are not many singers who can minister as you did to a wide spectrum of age groups, from kids to senior adults, all in one service… Rest assured if Elizabeth comes to your church, you will experience a heart-felt, professional presentation of the Gospel message through music.”     Matt Martin, Field Street Baptist Church, Cleburne, TX


“Elizabeth is professional in appearance, manner, presentation an music.  It was a delight to work with her.  Her style of music was happily accepted by our congregation.”  Rev. Dr. Lawrence Wilkes, Evening Service Pastor, Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California


“Gently instructive songs for children is a rare find that parents and kids alike are sure to enjoy.” – Karen Schmid, Charisma Magazine


“I had the privilege of working with Elizabeth this past year as we planned Acteens Summit, a meeting for teenage girls,  Here are a few things I experienced while working with her…positive attitude, servant heart, desire to prepare music that fits the program, audience and theme, sensitive to program schedule, professional and always prepared.”  Amanda Day, Ministry Specialist, Tennessee Baptist Convention


Endorsement and Product Advertisement for “Precious Playtime and Darling Dreamland.”  – Children’s Ministry Magazine

“She was excellent to work with and helped lead a very highly enjoyed worship service with our congregation.” 
Rev. Jonathan R. Snape, Westland United Methodist Church, Lebanon, Tennessee

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